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I'm surprised I even remember the password for this anymore.

Just posting this here because a few people have found this over the last year and told me the tagged it just in case, so I should use it for "big" issues or events.

July 31 I will be homeless, be it living in my van or in a homeless shelter I don't know yet.
All I know is I have nothing left, I have no one left, and the only reason I even have food to eat is food stamps.

If my application with the homeless shelter isn't approved...
Well, I guess, I'll be sleeping in my van in whatever areas around here it isn't illegal (as to discourage homeless around here, most county's have made it).

I miss my dog, I can't stop crying.

What the fuck happened to my life?
When I'm unstable, I may lose friends, and have shit fits, and hurt myself, but at least I wasn't jobless and homeless...
Now I'm "stable" but ... to what good? I can't find a job, I can't find a place to live, and because of the lack of a job I don't trust that I can care for another service dog.

I'm all alone.

If there is a god(s) up there, why me?

So yeah, I have a working laptop, with a 3 year (2 1/2 years left) replacment warenty on it that covers ANYTHING other then theft, and wifi is easy as fuck to find so... my e-mail/facebook/internet related stuff will always be open. I just might be slow to reply as I'll probably only be on a few hours once a day, maybe every other day...

We'll see...

I'm a fucking wreak.

What's even worse, is if I wasn't "stable" I might even qualify for a roof over my head in a psych ward, but I focused TOO hard on getting "better". Now I don't because I'm not a danger to myself, or others.

Fucking ironic.

I miss Magic, I miss Mayhem, and I miss Uno, hell I miss even all my fosters.
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