Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote,
Living To Dream


Why is it when I don't need it, I have no grace, I'm a walking klutz, ect.
However when I DO need it, I somehow make it though something that should have at LEAST broken something in my body, with little more then hurt pride and what feels like a slightly sore wrist, no more sore then if you bounced off a closing door or some such. Not like sprained/broke sore.

Went to sit in my chair like I always do, and was off balance or something because it pitched back before I was even seated, paniced, realized it was going over too quick to counter it back to normal, and that. There are alot of things to bash my head open on as I go backwards off it... so somehow, I manged hop/ride the fall and end up sitting crosslegged, on the back part of the chair (under my ass), with my hands down on either side. My head if it HAD gone where it was going before I somehow, mid air, saved myself, about a foot from the fridge behind me and my left elbow touching the lamp/my pile of pop bottles.

my right wrist hurts a bit, and I feel like my back should be going "oh god.. I'm not built for you to land like that) but otherwise, I'm fine, nothing hurts no bruises, nothing.

Now how can I do that, but still trip over my own feet while walking across a level floor with nothing on it?
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