Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote,
Living To Dream


Really need to catch up, just been too scatterbrained the last few days.

Only main point I want to make, is my car bit it (or is trying to), it would not start, it wanted to but it just wouldn't.
I'm hoping I can coax i into starting today, and if it does I'm really hoping it'll start again in an hour when I really need to be at work (since if it won't start I need to have an hour to walk it sounds like, just to be safe, though it won't that really that long to walk).

That and I was approved for one of the online things my roommate linked me to, waiting on a second I found, neither will pay what my job does. HOWEVER it means I can earn some spare change and/or if things hit the fan, do something to keep going.
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