Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote,
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I'm lacking updates, bad me, I'll try to fix that soon.

I led a raid tonight, I was reallllly bored, so I went "hey lets do the old staring raid" (Naxx10) for badges, and the guild went, okie as did out collective channel (leftovers).
Somehow I gathered the masses rather then my guild leader (who was going and normally does that) and long story short once gathered I offered him lead or I'd keep it and he was like "meh you gathered them, you do it".

So off we went and pwned the place, only problem was K'lth because we where super melee heavy, but we even got him with some tricks (lucky charms, and pulling a melee off to heal/range dps even though it was his off spec).

Wasn't half bad, decent amount of embs, and it was a REALLY nice casual break from Uld/Toc raiding where one wrong breath wipes the raid, we got to laugh, good around and float at first one alt, then a few more, though loot sponging.

After my GL commented it was really nice to just focus on tanking, be able to goof off, explain only a few things and let me handle loot while he plowed ahead. Guess it lightened the stress off him, and I didn't mind, as while I was worried I'd mess up the whole, time, I really liked doing so and just the lack of stress in a fun run after a long day. Apparently I also got brownie points ++ (not that I need anymore, the guy thinks I'm a saint already), because not once did we butt heads, it was "what do you think" and "how about" when I tweaked groups, or changed dps/healers around, and we brought in new people to replaced the few that had to go. I meshed well, rather then being abrasive, so apparently ... I'm being slotted as the new 'fun run' person every few weeks or something.
Meh, I had fun that was the goal, the rest was cake, that and I keep knocking a friend (Zooozzzy) off the horse by dragging him along with us when he's on and bored XD.

However, I need to set my alarm to get some phone calls made in the morning, before I get bogged down with work in the afternoon and forget, as well as sort my crap and find out what I can sell, out of what is left of it before I go insane and depressive >.<

Yeah, it's been a odd few weeks, I really do need to catch people up...
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