Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote,
Living To Dream


I want to say at the start of this, I adore all my friends, the few I have, and don't want any of you to take this as "OMG I'm scaring her, I can't tell her about last nights tie down party" or whatever.
No no no, I enjoy hearing any and all stories, lifestyles, anything.

However, I seem to have a magnet for attracting the most WTF friends at times.

Again I <3 you all, but just had a older friend contact me I've not talked to in a while and... just wow, haha few new stories under my belt that made me go "... buh? Well if that floats your boat?"

Where do I keep FINDING you people? I mean, I'm starting to think 'normal' is a fairy tail, not that I want to be/find boring old normal people. Just I don't think I have one normal friend out there!


Keep the WTF coming guys, just... yeah, haha, at least I can't say life is ever boring....
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