Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote,
Living To Dream

Hello, I'm a caregiver?

Just an odd thing I'm thinking about right now, and I really can't find a way to debate it.
Not that I want to, but anytime someone tells me something about myself I always look it over for truth before I accept it.

I was talking with a newer friend, and after a pretty rough night, we somehow got onto personalities. It was offered, if I wanted it, what his opinion on me was, and I figured why not.

He used my current main on WoW as a example, he pointed out Oara was a priest, I prefer to heal I lavish in it in fact and will fight for healing slot (while most other healers are like, I can heal.. but DPS is nice too!)

I'm always quick to be someone that is open, anyone can come to, and sometimes end up under a pile of opinions because everyone in the guild likes turning to me.

Overall, I just like to take care of people, I'm always making sure people are okay, I pike the roles that are that of taking care of the raid, my jobs I've told him of, as well as most of my happy stories are always taking care of people, things, ect.

Fact is it's true, and while I'm not always as fast, or as prompt to do things without prodding to remind me... I do care, and it's always very hard for me to accept help, or care. I want ot give but not take.

Hurm, I'm livingtodream, and I like to care about everyone else, before myself...

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