Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote,
Living To Dream

Removed the voice post...

Didn't like the fact people could hear my voice crack twice.

I had to put down CeCe today, 9 months she made it, 9 months she fraught but it was too much this time.
We're not 100% sure what caused it but her chest filled with fluid, the kind her body made, not something due to an infection. None of the reasons for it really panned into anything we could treat, and compound with her FeLuk+ it would be hell for her to recover.
The #1 reason as well her body might do this, was cancer or FeLuk, but no matter what caused it, it was not treatable with anything that coupled with her illness would be anything near quality of life for her (that and she nailed the vet, and techs, just trying to do x-rays and draw the fluid to test it... draining her chest, so full that she only could use 20% of her lungs, would have been hell for everyone).
Her chest filled in a matter of days, 2 maybe 3 to this point, I had to make the call. I hate making the call.

She died with me, she died doing what she always did, protesting.

Sleep in peace CeCe, we did what we could, and in the end, we gave you the quietest end we could when it was too much for you.

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