Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote,
Living To Dream


Nightmares .. why I even keep going back to sleep baffles me 3 hours of sleep before I coudln't go back to sleep.

1. Was weird because I was in a car with people I knew, but could not ID. I was in the front passenger seat, and we where driving along a road that was along a coast and I could see the ocean but it was semi frozen over. The radio started to warn about a air bubble trapped under the ice that was going to cause it to explode upwards.
Right as we drove onto a bridge, that was spaning over the ice towards the north pole.
The ice erupted as we did so and we plunged into the water. Panicked we huddled in hopes of a air bubble but we car flooded. The radio working perfectly fine blasted about kicking out windows in case of car under water.
I turned in the water, panicked, and kicked as hard as I could with my heel, nothing, tried the window up/down lever, nothing. As I panicked more I snapped away gasping and it took me a moment to come around I wasn't drowning.

2. Can't recall how it started, but ended up in my dad's first house I can recall him living in. Things where going like a typical visit when I was school aged and went there. When something happened and my brother killed my dad, then sliced open my hip. I recall looking at it, gushing blood but not hurting then looking at him. He recoiled back because I wasn't, well, dead or in pain or such. I thought about going to the tub to stop the blood but instead somehow got a sword and started hunting his ass down in the house, along with monsters or something. I ended up cutting his head off too, and then running outside not sure what to do.
I'm hazy on the in between but I was still gushing blood then my dad, who didn't look like him but I knew it was him, was alive again and apologizing I had to see all that, and wanted a hug. I didn't trust him so I attacked him too and i haze out on the rest but I recall i didn't kill him because he started crying or something then I did hug him and just woke up going "wtf".

I'm blanking on what the 3rd was, but I woke up out of that one panicked too and went "fuck it" and got out of bed before the sun was even up (5am ish)

I can kinda tell you where some of the ideas in my head came from, but NONE of them where anything like where the idea came from in my head by the time it was nightmarish.

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