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I'm Living in a Dream

I'm Living to Dream

Living To Dream
17 October 1985
Before you go "er how do I know her again?" here is a list of the s/n I go by and where.

AIM: kandriamage

YIM: kandriamage

MSN: kandriamage@hotmail.com

E-mail: Kandriamage@yahoo.com

forumopolis.com: Kandria

Neopets.com: Kandriafreeze, the_battledome_guild
(No longer play)
Furcadia: Leoperd
(no longer play)
Purefelinity.com : Kandria (1st), Kandrida (2nd)
SpinChat.com: ~Amanda~Jedi~, ~Susan~Jedi~, Leoperd, Jedi

cybernations.com: Mystical World, Ruled by Kandria
Prior LJ Name: Kandriamage

WoW: Silver Hand (Horde), Windpaw, Raga, Waja, Oara, Oapa, Hala, Mawa, Windfear
if in doubt.. just ask!

For my sanity, MOST my LJ is friends only but I’ll add anyone that adds me back ASAP, I use groups to screen who sees what, but not often, being friends only just gives me more of a sense of security.

The following is a post where you can ask to be added to the groups used to filter!


Other then that all I can say is yes I'm female, no I don't post many (as in maybe once every 2-3 years I post a head shot...) pictures, and I'm an odd duck so take anything and everyone I post as you will. Best way to get to know me is to read about my world...